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Our Products

AXIS range is continuously being extended to meet the needs of our clients, both existing and new. We are currently featuring our core refrigeration range but we will source and supply the all types of commercial catering equipment for you from all the best-known suppliers.

Built to operate in areas that experience some of the highest temperatures in the World, our refrigeration should stand the heat in your kitchen on even the hottest days.

Made from high grade AISI 304 stainless steel, inside and out, our refrigeration is more resistant to corrosion than many other models on the market.

Unlike many other models, our fridges operate at temperatures ranging from -2°C to +8°C so you don’t need a different fridge to store fresh meat at the recommended temperature (-2°C to 0°C).

Easy to use
Built with a gastronorm-sized interior and supplied with 3 shelves per door as standard, it’s easy to move food between our refrigeration and other equipment around your kitchen at different stages of the preparation process.

Easy to clean
Fitted with heavy duty swivel castors that are lockable at the front, our refrigeration is not only easy to reposition to meet the changing needs of your business it can also be easily moved for cleaning and maintenance.

Specified and designed by people who have used a lifetime’s experience of fixing breakdowns so as to eliminate many of the most common faults, we believe AXIS is the most reliable refrigeration you are ever likely to find.

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